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North Carolina 5th Grade Mathematical Goals:


Goal 1
Number Sense, Numeration, and Numerical Operations - The learner will understand and compute with rational numbers.


Goal 2
Spatial Sense, Measurement, and Geometry - The learner will demonstrate an understanding and use of the properties and relationships in geometry, and standard units of metric and customary measurement.


Goal 3
Patterns, Relationships, and Functions - The learner will demonstrate an understanding of patterns, relationships, and elementary algebraic representation.


Goal 4
Data, Probability, and Statistics - The learner will demonstrate an understanding and use of graphing, probability and data analysis.



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Online Mathematical Resources

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Math Technology


A math/ technology resource site for students to play educational math games, which will help to enhance basic skills.

Math League


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Math Worksheets


A free site to obtain printable worksheets.



A free site to obtain 5th grade math worksheets.

Fun Brain


A site for students to play educational math games.

Quia Mathematics


Top twenty technology math activities.

Cool Math


Technology related mathematical games.

Online Calculator


This is a great online calculator for both teachers and students.

Math Tools


This site has various types of calculators and other math tools.

Online Math Activities


This site contains a lot of math activities for students and teachers.

Count On


Math games to help students bring math alive.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


This is a great site to help teachers include virtual math manipulatives into any classroom.

Math Dictionary


A wonderful kid's dictionary for looking up mathematical terms.

Spanish Math Dictionary


A great site for Spanish speaking students to translate mathematical terms.

NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)


A great site to learn about national math standards.  Also contains activities and advice for the classroom.


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